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Strengthening Cybersecurity Training

Published Fri Jun 16 2023


With cybersecurity, employees play a critical role in an organization’s security posture. Therefore, comprehensive training is critical for the entire workforce. To identify employees needing security awareness training, start by assessing job roles and level of interaction with sensitive data. Employees handling customer information and financial data or access to critical systems are typically prioritized for training. However, security awareness training should not be limited to specific roles but should extend to all employees to create a culture of security within the organization. Leaders should also consider employees’ previous security incidents or history of noncompliance as indicators of training needs. Those involved in security incidents or who have demonstrated poor security practices may benefit from focused training to address their knowledge gaps and mitigate risks. Employees’ understanding of security policies and procedures should also be evaluated regularly. If employees struggle with following security protocols or lack awareness of best practices, targeted training can help reinforce the importance of security measures and instill good cybersecurity habits. Continuous assessment and regular feedback mechanisms to identify ongoing training needs should be put in place. Organizations should leverage techniques like simulated phishing exercises and security quizzes to gauge employee knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

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