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The Argument for a Four-Day Work Week

Published Mon Mar 15 2021


It’s becoming clear that one of the holdover effects of the global health crisis will be an increased level of flexibility in our working lives. Remote work was the norm during the pandemic, and the return to “business as usual” will certainly include hybrid work models for most businesses. While the question of where we worked was at the forefront of most managers’ minds over the past year, several are also considering when we should work. Many have experimented with four-day workweeks, and while some leaders are hesitant to decrease hours while keeping pay the same, most who have tested the four-day model have seen increased levels of productivity and engagement by allowing workers more time and space to decompress. This retooling of professional structures is part of a greater shift in understanding what makes workers tick. Companies used to “Make provisions for people’s physical health but never their mental health,” said Adam Ross, CEO of Awin, a German tech company experimenting with a four-day workweek. “I see that changing, and we want to be a driver for it.”

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