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The Case for the Four Day Work Week

Published Mon May 17 2021


While we’re in our post-pandemic restructuring phase thinking about how remote work is here to stay, it may be worth considering not only where we work, but when. The global health crisis and the emergence of the new normal has reinvigorated interest in the merits of a four-day work week, and the early research seems to indicate the benefits are manifold. For one, working fewer days tends to make people—and organizations as a whole–more productive. When there are fewer hours to get everything done, companies tend to streamline their operations and individual employees manage time a lot better. It can also be a huge boon to talent attraction and acquisition efforts. According to ZipRecruiter, job postings that advertise a four-day work week receive, on average, about 15 percent more applications. And finally, a four-day work week dramatically helps employees maintain a healthy work life balance, preventing burnout, absenteeism, and turnover.

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