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The Future of Hiring

Published Mon Feb 01 2021


Talent acquisition, development, and retention are changing, which means looking for a job in the post-pandemic world is going to be a little different. For one, there will be an increased focus on hiring from within. Organizations have begun looking internally first, sometimes employing sophisticated software and AI-driven platforms to find individuals with the right skill sets and capabilities. This approach is helping companies apply the human resources they already have in more impactful ways. Additionally, employers are going to place a much higher premium on a candidate’s capabilities and potential. According to a recent study released by Gartner, one-third of the skills listed in 2017 job postings are no longer relevant today. As roles change at a rapid pace, companies are looking for employees with great communication skills, aptitudes for problem-solving, and the ability to adapt. Finally, geographic location will become less important. The widespread adoption of remote work as jump-started by the global health crisis has most leaders understanding that just because a candidate doesn’t live in their city—or even their time zone—it doesn't mean they should be disqualified. The future of hiring will be much more flexible and much more skills-centric than it has been in the past.

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