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The Importance of Feedback During Times of Crisis

Published Fri Jun 18 2021


While feedback is critical for the success of any organization, two-way communication during times of crisis is especially important. During a period of disruption, if feedback mechanisms between employees and leadership erode, there are three negative impacts: it intensifies the uncertainty of the crisis itself, it communicates to employees that their opinions only matter when things are running fine, and it feels like procrastination. Rather than postponing surveys, group huddles, and town halls, focus on gathering relevant and actionable feedback—this second part is extremely important. Gathering feedback from employees and taking no action after they’ve given you their answers is always the wrong move. This is true even if decisions don’t align with employees’ wishes. Acknowledge the disconnect and communicate why the decision was made. Willingness to listen, no matter the outcome, makes an impact. It fosters trust amongst each other, confidence in leadership and will help employees better navigate times of uncertainty.

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