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The Potential Health Drawbacks of Using VR for Training

Published Fri Oct 20 2023


The growing use of virtual reality (VR) in corporate settings, particularly for employee training, has raised concerns about its potential impact on physical health. VR headsets, while providing an immersive and engaging training experience, have been associated with side effects such as nausea, disorientation, and eye strain. Experts warn that longer hours spent in VR headsets could exacerbate these issues and potentially lead to more serious health problems. Researchers point out that hardware and software providers often do not adequately assess the long-term risks of VR use. Despite these concerns, many companies are adopting VR for training, particularly soft skills development, such as leadership and teamwork. VR training has been shown to help employees progress through modules faster and feel a stronger emotional connection to the material, leading to potential time and cost savings. To address the potential health risks of VR, experts recommend responsible usage, including limiting sessions to under 30 minutes and taking frequent breaks to avoid headaches and eye strain. Additionally, more research is needed to better understand VR use’s long-term effects and ensure its safe and sustainable adoption in the workplace.

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