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The Stone Soup Approach to Training

Collaboration is truly the best recipe for any positive outcome.


Wed Oct 04 2017


One of the hardest parts of our job as learning and talent development professionals is getting buy-in and support for products and services. Without acceptance, many great deliverables are never used. In some situations, the problem is trust, because we are viewed as outsiders. Some people simply don’t want to change. They see change as a disruption and something that is going to cause them too much work when, in fact, we are only trying to do our jobs and help them. There are other people who think their way is the best way. They come into our organizations with tools and initiatives that worked great in their past companies and they want to use what has proved successful in the past. Sometimes I hear, “That’s great, but that’s not how we do it here.” Training is a simple concept, so why should anyone really need our help?

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