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The Value-Add Case for Hybrid Work

Published Mon Mar 13 2023


We're rapidly approaching a crossroads that business leaders must navigate. Will you demand employees return to work, or will your organization remain remote? This is a problem many are grappling with, and only some are getting right. Many high-profile companies have had return-to-office policies backfire spectacularly, and those remaining rigid on these notions risk their continued ability to attract and retain talent. With that in mind, there are tangible benefits to in-person interaction. It bolsters creativity and helps with organizational cohesion. How can you get the best of both worlds? By making it available but not requiring it. Commit to hybrid work for remote-ready employees and establish standard on-site office days. Do not, however, make it a requirement or a policy. Managers should work with teams to respect everyone's work, work style, individual citation, and the value they bring to an organization. Demanding employees to return to an office without a clear value proposition will seem punitive. Still, if you can create buy-in for in-person collaboration, it will be perceived as a benefit.

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