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Tips for Increasing Employee Retention

Published Fri Jun 25 2021


Workforce experts are concerned that the dramatic upheavals we’ve experienced during the global pandemic will result in massive talent migrations across industries. Indeed, data shows that droves of employees are looking for the door for myriad reasons. With that in mind, smart leaders are searching for ways to increase retention at a time when their employees may be eyeing other options. For one, it can be helpful to flatten organizational structures and remove communication barriers between employees in leadership. Organizational goals should be reached collaboratively, and employees should be heard in these conversations. It’s also critical to understand that micromanaging and mistrust kills productivity and significantly reduces morale, while training and professional development programs foster loyalty. As we’re entering a new age of decentralized workforces becoming the norm, employees will be looking for autonomy and flexibility, and if you’re not providing them, your competitor will be.

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