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Understanding How We Learn

Published Fri Jan 15 2021


There are many reasons why training is often ineffective. It may be designed poorly, it could be delivered at the wrong time, or it may be presented in an inaccessible way. It may also be because we as humans aren’t wired to easily retain new information. On average, people lose 50 percent of information presented to them within the first hour of learning it, and 70 percent is forgotten within 24 hours. It’s critical to understand the way our minds work if impactful training is to be developed and deployed. It’s also important to know that not everyone needs the same type of training anymore. One-size-fits-all approaches are destined to fail, but by using data analytics, training managers can better understand who is engaged with what information, and who is applying what they’ve learned. With that as your starting point, managers can build or rebuild their cultures with a focus on the development of their employees.

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