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Update Your Social Media Policy to Support Diversity & Inclusion


Fri Jun 04 2021

Update Your Social Media Policy to Support Diversity & Inclusion

From Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and Instagram, social media use broadens exposure to costly risks. Controlling social media has become increasingly challenging, with millions working from home and far from the watchful eyes of management. Regardless of whether employees are working remotely or on-site, employers are obligated to support diversity and guard against discrimination. You must protect the privacy of employees, customers, and job applicants. You must safeguard the integrity of confidential information. You are required to preserve, protect, and produce business records. Failure to act upon any of these could result in workplace lawsuits, regulatory fines, aggrieved employees, disappointed customers, lost revenues, and painful publicity. Fail to refresh policy to address Slack, FaceTime, Zoom, and other preferred technologies, and employees whose professional and personal lives revolve around social media will bring them in—unregulated—through the back door. You must combine policy, training, and technology to minimize risks, manage use, and maximize compliance.

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