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Want to Know the Best Way to Fix Burnout? Talk to Your Employees

Published Mon May 03 2021


Although the pandemic seems to be abating, and a return to “normal” is on the horizon, there is still a great deal of uncertainty, stress, and fear in our professional lives. In fact, even with the global health crisis slowly winding down, it seems that burnout has only increased. According to a recent study, 67 percent of respondents across all age demographics feel that burnout has only gotten worse since last March. A lot of this has to do with the difficulty of drawing a line between work and home life, and managers play a key role in supporting their employees in this endeavor. One of the best ways to do this—and indeed, to assuage burnout from any number of contributing factors—is one-on-one communication. “I would encourage every manager to make sure they’re doing \[this\] at least weekly, but, in some cases, more frequently depending on the nature of the \[employee’s\] role,” Karin Borchert, CEO of Modern Hire, says. “You know, how’s their mental well-being, their physical well-being, personal stresses? Without getting into people’s personal business.”

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