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Wellbeing Is the Foundation of Business Success

Companies must move beyond wellness programs and consider new methods to help people thrive by strengthening the wellbeing foundation of any corporate efforts to develop talent.


Thu Feb 14 2013


Every training and development professional knows that sinking feeling when one of the concepts they are teaching doesn’t quite “land” with the audience. The evidence is clear: One learner is constantly looking at her watch, another is rolling his eyes, and a third is checking his Blackberry under the table. It is difficult not to think that the trainer or the topic is at fault. Instructors will often commiserate afterwards—“This group wasn’t ready,” or “They weren’t at the right level to grasp the material.” Feedback surveys will be pored over, post-mortems will be scheduled to determine what worked and what didn’t. Everyone will look for the answer to improve their session the next time. But what instructors may not realize is perhaps it’s not about them. Something else is missing.  

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