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What Are “Loud Laborers” and How Should You Handle Them?

Published Fri Sep 08 2023


While “quiet quitting” has been making headlines recently, the phenomenon of “loud laborers” in the workplace is just as important to understand. Loud laborers are employees who focus more on making their work known rather than the quality of their work itself. They engage in self-promotion and often talk extensively about their tasks and achievements, seeking attention and recognition. The reasons behind the existence of loud laborers include insecurity, low self-esteem, and a desire for external rewards and recognition. They may overcompensate by constantly discussing their accomplishments, as they may lack acknowledgment from bosses or colleagues. However, this behavior can negatively affect team dynamics and workplace morale. It may create an environment where visibility and self-promotion are valued more than actual results, leading to competition rather than collaboration. There are a few ways to address loud laborers in the workplace. First, recognize effort, not just showmanship. Leaders should value and acknowledge the contributions of both vocal and quieter employees, emphasizing the importance of actual productivity and results. Next, understand different work styles. Leaders should appreciate and encourage diverse work styles, recognizing that different approaches can contribute to a more effective team. Finally, communicate effectively and provide feedback. Leaders can have conversations with individuals who consistently prioritize self-promotion over productive work, providing constructive feedback to encourage a balance between the two.

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