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What Do Young Workers Want?

Published Mon Apr 12 2021


Workplace demographics are rapidly changing, and even before the pandemic, the desires of younger workers were pulling away from their aging counterparts. According to a recent study, nearly half of the US workforce is currently made up of Gen Z and millennials, and their needs need to be considered if long-term success is to be achieved. Above all, younger workers want employers to care about their physical and emotional well-being. This means going beyond the typical wellness programs and supporting all aspects of well-being—social and financial included. Additionally, younger employees care deeply about the ethical implications of their leaders’ decisions and need for them to be open and transparent. Finally, younger workers understand the value of diverse and inclusive workplaces and will quickly leave organizations that don’t value the same. Finally, they expect to grow in their roles, and demand workplaces value their development and invest in coaching them. They want managers who care about them and are actively participating in their career growth.

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