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Who Is Ultimately Responsible for Career Development?

Published Mon Oct 16 2023


Clearly communicated career development and growth opportunities are directly related to employee engagement and retention, highlighting the gap between employees’ desire for development and what many employers offer. It discusses the ongoing debate about who should be responsible for employee development: the employee, the manager, or the organization. The ownership of career development is portrayed as a spectrum, with some organizations giving full responsibility to employees while others place it entirely in the hands of managers and leaders. However, it’s noted that simply assigning ownership without proper support doesn’t lead to effective development. Career development should be a three-way partnership between employees, managers, and the organization. Employees must have the desire to learn and grow; managers should facilitate and support their growth; and organizations should provide the necessary training, resources, and programs to enable skill development and career advancement. This approach has proven effective in promoting employee engagement and retention. One example of this is Fishawack Health, which implemented a talent marketplace to empower employees and equip managers, HR, and business leaders to support employee growth and development. This three-way partnership approach has led to increased employee engagement, retention, and internal mobility.

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