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Why Know Your Why?

Knowing why you do what you do strengthens corporate culture, employee engagement and deepens connections with ideal clients, customers and investors.


Tue Dec 09 2014


Discussions abound on how to fortify employee engagement. Awareness of the critical need to place employees and team members “in the right seats on the bus” has been heightened. Companies strive to create not only external raving fans, but impassioned, raving employees as well. Given recent trends and statistics, it is no surprise that organizations are placing a concerted effort on beefing up engagement. Gallup states in their most recent State of the Workplace report that 77 percent of all employees are indifferent or actively disengaged, and that each of these disengaged employees costs an employer an average $25,000 per year. The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), estimates that bad hires cost up to five times their annual salary. Forbes cites an average annual turnover rate of 33 percent, with nine out of 10 people leaving because of attitude**.**

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