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Why Your Best Workers Are Leaving

Published Fri Dec 09 2022


The labor market is tightening, and employers are once again grappling with one of the most difficult questions across all industries. How do you keep your best employees from leaving? Millions of books and articles have been written on the topic, and there are many nuanced approaches to keeping top performers engaged; however, the answer is simple. People quit because they aren’t being cared for and their needs aren’t being met. This doesn’t always translate to dollar signs. Sometimes the needs not being met are the needs for connection, purpose, and belonging. Managers who stand out understand this and strive to build community and foster a sense of belonging and connection among their workers. Work needs to be a psychologically safe place. Workers can’t always be on the defensive, and they need to know they are supported. Offer praise and recognition. Make employees feel valued as human beings, and watch them reach their full potential.

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