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Workers Aren’t Ready for AI Disruptions

Published Fri Aug 25 2023


According to Gallup’s CHRO Roundtable survey, 72 percent of Fortune 500 chief human resources officers predict that AI will replace jobs within their organizations in the next three years. Despite this, 65 percent of these HR leaders see the potential for AI to enhance the performance of various roles. They expect benefits including increased efficiency, effectiveness, speed, better decision making, and more opportunities for strategic thinking. However, recent Gallup surveys reveal that the workforce isn’t adequately prepared for the AI transition. Just 10 percent of employees currently use AI weekly, with 70 percent never using it, and over half feel unprepared to work with these advanced technologies. Most workers are skeptical about AI’s potential to improve work processes, with only 30 percent agreeing that it can be beneficial. Because of this, leaders will need to take pivotal roles in the AI transition. Many leaders hold a positive view of AI’s potential, even for job enhancement and replacement. However, without effective communication and support, workers could be caught off guard. For those who will use AI to boost productivity, leaders should provide training and support, avoiding assumptions about workers’ readiness. For those whose roles might be replaced, education and reskilling resources can mitigate backlash and manage reputational risk.

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