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“Working Appropriately” May Be the Simple Solution to Return to Work Woes

Published Mon May 10 2021


There’s much trepidation and wringing of hands in the C-suite regarding the future of work. Will we have to go fully remote to keep our employees happy? What about hybrid work models? Can we force people back into the office? What if they quit? Will we stay competitive? These are all valid concerns, but what if everyone is just overthinking this? Take General Motors for instance. Their “return to work” policy is shockingly simple. In fact, it’s two words: “Work Appropriately.” This could mean more online training for GM’s 87,000-some-odd factory workers, or it could mean a hybrid model for its salaried employees. Ultimately, though, it’s going to depend on the nature of the job, the nature of the project, how productive employees are, and where everyone feels comfortable. “It is not about a policy or a one-size-fits-all approach,” Laura Jones, GM’s global talent director, said. “But truly that evolution of our culture for everyone.”

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