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You Have a Target Market Don't You

Choosing a target market is the first step in building a successful, sustainable business.


Tue Jul 29 2014


When it comes to choosing a target market, a narrowed focus generates higher profits. But when I started my business, I thought the opposite was true. I chose to cast a wide net, thinking that would provide the most opportunities for me to earn someone’s trust and win their business. After months of attending networking events and tossing out business cards like a shark in Vegas, I quickly realized that marketing to everyone meant working with no one. A $0 income is hard to ignore. Choosing a target market isn’t always an easy process, especially for those struggling to get more clients. Frankly, it’s terrifying. The idea of focusing on one group, even at the expense of not marketing to others, might appear like income suicide. Yet that’s exactly the first step in building a successful, sustainable business.

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