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Young Women Want Remote Work, but Worry About the Long-Term Impact It Will Have on Their Careers

As business leaders consider their return-to-work plans, one thing is for certainthe nature of work has changed forever.

Published Mon Aug 30 2021


As business leaders consider their return-to-work plans, one thing is for certain—the nature of work has changed forever. More specifically, most business leaders understand that remote work is here to stay in some form or fashion. And while the benefits of working from home are felt by most, some employees are starting to understand the drawbacks of the new normal—particularly young women. According to a recent study conducted by theSkimm, a significant majority of millennial women say that the ability to work remotely is important to them, including 22% who said they wouldn’t even consider working for an employer who didn’t offer some flexibility in that regard. However, a similar number of women feel that they will miss out on career opportunities if they continue to work remotely, and 40% of survey respondents said they felt more pressure to go back into traditional office spaces if they know their male colleagues are doing the same. “We’ve been thinking a lot about what company leaders can do to ensure that everyone is on a level playing field,” theSkimm’s CEO Carly Zakin said. “There’s a lot, none of it is clear cut, and it’s only getting more complicated.”

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