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$164.2 Billion Spent on Training and Development by U.S. Companies


Thu Dec 12 2013


ASTD releases 2013 State of the Industry report. 

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U.S. organizations spent $164.2 billion on employee learning and development in 2012, according to the just-released findings of ASTD’s 2013 State of the Industry report sponsored by Skillsoft and the CARA Group, Inc.

The report’s findings demonstrate that despite a continuously changing economic environment, organizations remain committed to training and development. Senior executives understand that a highly skilled workforce is a strategic differentiator. They are investing in the development of their employees and using technology, instructor-led training, and blended solutions to effectively meet training challenges.


ASTD’s 2013 State of the Industry report is based on a survey of 475 organizations representing a diverse sample of industries, sizes, and locations. For comparative analysis findings are reported for three data sources: a consolidated source of all organizations; a data source pulling from the 28 BEST Award winning organizations; and a data source reflecting 32 Fortune Global 500 organizations.

Key findings are:

  • $164.2 billion spent on learning and development in 2012.

  • 61 percent of expenditures were on internal expenses ($100.2 billion).

  • Per-employee spending remained stable in 2012, at an average $1,195 per employee ($1,182 in 2011). 

  • 11 percent of expenditures went to tuition reimbursement ($18 billion).

  • As a percent of payroll, direct expenditure on learning increased from 3.2 to 3.6 percent.

  • Employees averaged 30.3 hours of training in 2012. Employees in BEST organizations used substantially higher amounts of training, averaging 57.7 hours each—an all-time high.

  • Technology-based delivery of instruction rose to 39 percent of formal hours, up from 37.2 percent in 2011.

  • The top three areas of training content in 2012 were: managerial and supervisory (13.5 percent); mandatory and compliance (10.8 percent); and processes, procedures, and business practices (9.9 percent).

The ASTD 2013 State of the Industry report is available on the ASTD Store. It is a free report for ASTD members. ASTD will host a webcast about the report’s findings on Friday, December 13, 2013. More information can be found here.

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