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9 Positive Customer Service Actions


Tue Jan 26 2010


ASTD author Maxine Kamin, director of professional development at Childnet and founder and president of TOUCH Consulting, shares with us some valuable customer service tips:

"If you're in a service field, did you ever ponder, 'What was I thinking when I took this job?' That's when your good will is taxed and your nerves are shot. Your smile is beginning to wane, and the demanding and sometimes demeaning behavior of customers is getting you down. Ironically, that's when you really do need to answer the question, 'What was I thinking?'


Most people who enter a service field want to help others in some way. Whether you are an executive, a manager, or a front-line staff member, the foundation of all customer service is caring, letting others know that you really do want to solve their problems, and that you want them to be satisfied, with you, your company, and your expertise. Your enthusiasm is paramount to your success.

Consider these positive actions:

  • Take time to remember or redefine your mission

  • Define what your customers consider to be good service

  • Consider different personality types and how you respond to what you consider to be difficult customers or employees

  • Develop a consistent method for solving problems

  • Consider learning styles since you do teach with every interaction

  • Express your innovation and "hidden talents"

  • Take care of yourself. Make a list of things you want to do and do them.

  • For managers and executives, learn how to establish a customer service culture.

  • Use creative exercises in your team meetings to unleash the creativity of your staff."

For more tips on customer service, see Ms. Kamin's new book, 10 Steps to Successful Customer Service. This easy 10 step book is for executives, managers, and front-line staff. Learn how to establish a positive customer service environment, review research and read stories about situations gone bad that could have been turned into magic moments.

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