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ASTD mentioned in NY Daily News Story about Murdered Yale Student


Fri Sep 18 2009


So, this isn't your average media "hit." In cataloging the places ASTD has popped up in the news this week, I ran across a mention in the NY Daily News. It's a story on workplace violence and it cites information from our flagship magazine T+D. Right as I happened across this, Paula Ketter, T+D's awesome editor strolled by my office and I showed her the clip. She remembers someone blogging on T+D's blog about the study on workplace violence that is mentioned in the NY Daily News article. Here's the relevant paragraph from the story:

"The Workplace Violence Institute says workplace violence is 'any act against an employee that creates a hostile work environment and negatively affects the employees, either physically or psychologically,' according to T D magazine."


While I would never have expected to see T+D in a story about a murdered college student, this does go to show the rising influence of blogs as sources of information for reporters.

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