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Bestselling Author Mel Robbins to Keynote ATD 2021

Published Tue Mar 02 2021


(Alexandria, VA) March 2, 2021—Keynote speaker Mel Robbins, the international bestselling author of The 5 Second Rule and four #1 audiobooks on Audible, will close out ATD 2021 Conference & EXPO in Salt Lake City, Utah, on September 1.

Robbins is a television host, CNN contributor, and motivational speaker. She is known for her authentic, no-nonsense approach and ability to connect with and create meaningful change in people’s lives. Her work on behavior change has been translated into 36 languages and is being used by veterans organizations, pediatricians, and other medical professionals in clinical settings as well as by top brands such as Starbucks, JP Morgan Chase, and Microsoft to inspire organizational transformation.


Robbins’s book has a simple message: If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within five seconds or your brain will kill it. The moment you feel an instinct or a desire to act on a goal or a commitment, use the rule. When you feel yourself hesitate before doing something that you know you should do, count 5-4-3-2-1-GO and move toward the action.

Robbins’s social media platforms inspire more than 60 million people every month, and her TEDx Talk has more than 25 million views.

ATD 2021 International Conference & EXPO is offering multiple ways for the talent development community to participate in the conference. Along with the in-person conference, there will be a regional event option and a virtual conference option to give the entire TD community an opportunity to attend the world’s largest talent development conference.

To learn more about the conference and to register, visit atdconference.td.org.

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