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Confidence of Learning Executives Jumps in Q1 2013


Tue Apr 30 2013


Learning executives’ optimism and confidence about the outlook and expectations for the training function reached a historic high for the first quarter of 2013, according to the latest measurement by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD). The current Learning Executive Confidence Index (LXCI) surveyed 404 learning executives (LXs) about their expectations in these areas: ability to meet learning needs; perception of the value of learning (replacing status as a key strategic component); and availability of resources. It is modeled on the CEO Confidence Indices reported by Chief Executive Magazine and The Conference Board.

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The ASTD LXCI for the first quarter of 2013 was 68.1, up from 63.9 in the fourth quarter of 2012. First quarter index measures in 2011 and 2012 also were high, with declines coming in later quarters both years. The strong positivity in 2013 may be influenced by the decline in the unemployment rate and uptick in hiring. The calculation of the index is modified due to the new indicator of perceived value of learning. The LXCI is measured by a 100-point scale.


Highlights from the LXCI for the first quarter of 2013 include 

• The LXCI increased to a score of 68.1, the highest measure since 2009. Calculation of the LXCI has been modified as of Q1 2013. The LXCI indicator of learning as a key strategic component has been replaced with how favorable the value of learning will be perceived.

• The impact of corporate performance and the perception of the value of learning continue to be the most positive LXCI indicators, with 72.5 percent (in both categories) believing that it will be better in the next six months.

• Availability of resources needed to meet learning needs remains the least positive indicator, with 58.3 percent of LXs believing resource availability would be the same or worse in the next six months.

• Nearly three-quarters (72.1 percent) of LXs think their industry’s expectations of the learning function will be better.


• The perception of the value of learning in the next six months is strong, with 69.1 percent of leaders indicating that the value of learning will be perceived moderately or substantially better.

• 70.2 percent of learning executives believe learning will positively improve corporate performance in the next six months.

• Close to one-third of learning executives believe that there will be an increase in workplace L&D funding within the next year and almost one-half feel that there will be an increase within 18 months.

ASTD’s Learning Executive Confidence Index was launched in August 2008 and is designed to assess the outlooks and expectations of learning executives for the next six months.

Visit http://www.astd.org/Professional-Resources/LXCI.aspx to read the full report.


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