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Telling Ain’t Training Gets Long Awaited Update


Tue Jun 21 2011


The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) announces that the second edition of its all-time best-selling book, Telling Ain't Training is now available.

When the first edition of Telling Ain't Training was published in 2002, the practical, learner-focused book quickly became a favorite with learning and development professionals, as well as school teachers, parents, professors, and anyone else who trains, educates, or instructs. Chockfull of myth-busting research and ready-to-use tools, always delivered in a lighthearted and entertaining style, Telling Ain't Training set new standards for the training industry.


This long-awaited new edition has been updated, expanded and enhanced to reflect almost a decade of progress. Fans of Telling Ain't Training will be relieved to find that its lively, user-friendly tone has been carefully preserved. In fact, this is a book that faithfully practices what it preaches, engaging the reader from page one and immediately involving them in the first of many try-it-yourself exercises in learning. This substantially heftier edition covers everything a trainer needs to know to be better, plus:

  • Extensive new chapters covering technology and e-learning

  • More methods for creating terrific learner-centered training sessions

  • Expanded evidence and research to support its approach to adult learning

  • Ways to retrofit existing training programs and materials

  • In-depth explanations of how the basic principles of adult learning apply

  • An extensive index for easy reference

  • Additional tools, charts, exercises, illustrations, quizzes, and activities to involve learners.

Telling Ain't Training is available from the ASTD Store. Conferences based on the book are also being held in Boston and Atlanta.

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