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The Learning Decade


Tue Mar 22 2011


Sam Herring, co-founder and executive VP of Intrepid Learning Solutions AND the chair of ASTD's board of directors, has a great article on Fast Company titled "Moving Toward 2020: The Learning Decade" in which he states, "To be sure, not every company is a learning company; but more and more organizations recognize that learning can help solve the most vexing economic and financial problems of the day. As a result, we predict that the years leading up to 2020 will be known as 'The Learning Decade.'"

He goes on to say, "There are many reasons why corporations have decided to make significant investments in learning, even in these budget-constrained times, but here are what we believe to be the main drivers." His list includes: top line innovations, disruptive technology, competitive pressures, increasing speed, beyond commodity, virtuous circle, emerging markets, industry change, industry consolidation, brain drain, failing grade, return to growth, future jobs, knowledge workers, leadership vacuum, culture change, and unanticipated conditions.


It's an impressive list of drivers - and one you should read in full for yourself.

An additional thought from Sam to close with: "Achieving prosperity in 'The Learning Decade' will present companies with many challenges. The good news is that learning and its derivative, enhanced performance, can help us innovate, grow the top line and emerge from the recent economic downturn stronger than we were before."

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