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Washington Post Features Winter Issue of The Public Manager


Thu Jan 14 2010


In today's issue of The Washington Post, Federal Diary writer Joe Davidson calls out some content from the forthcoming issue of The Public Manager in his reporting about the Obama administration's personnel efforts.

The article "Obama personnel policies draw generally high marks" contains the following quote:


"It's about that time when performance evaluations of Barack Obama's first year as boss-in-chief begin coming in.

It helps when the evaluators are a nonpartisan group of experts who know something about the area on which they judge the president. Fortunately, that's the case with several articles on Obama's management agenda -- written by a team of analysts, including industry and former government executives -- that appear in the winter 2010 issue of the Public Manager, which will be available Friday at http://www.thepublicmanager.org. This quarterly journal is published by the (sic) Bureaucrat Inc., which describes itself as "a not-for-profit organization chartered and devoted to furthering knowledge and best practice at all levels of government.

The authors don't have a dog -- or a donkey or an elephant -- in the fight over Obama's reputation. They're Democrats and Republicans who push a good-government agenda."

The winter issue of The Public Manager will be released tomorrow, January 15. An Interview on Federal News Radio's show "In Depth with Francis Rose" will also be tomorrow.

For more information on The Public Manager, go to the website www.thepublicmanager.org.


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