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What's happening at #TK11?


Thu Feb 03 2011


ASTD's TechKnowledge 2011 Conference & Exposition started yesterday, and I have been keeping an eye on the Twitter feed to find out what's going on. Yesterday, Tony Bingham and and Kara Swisher did the keynote address. Cammie Bean liveblogged Tony Bingham's comments and Kara Swisher's keynote speech.

What are some of the takeaways from Tony's speech? Complexity will keep increasing, requiring leaders to become more creative. Mobile devices are and will continue to become a critical way to deliver learning (hm, maybe I should start thinking about upgrading my phone). Furthermore, new technologies are converging, creating whole new scenarios. What will that mean for learning professionals going forward? Learning is going mobile, and organizations are going to support more and more of that. That means ISD is up for a makeover. What else? Devices are going to figure out what you need, instead of requiring you to go looking for it.


Here are some of the frequent comments coming out of Twitter during Kara Swisher's presentation:

  • one of the top tech trends is the socialization of technology

  • information is every-changing, adding a level of instantness and thus changing the nature of information itself

  • everyone contributes, is an author; producers become consumers of content, thus improving the overall content

  • the masses are smarter than the elite; mistakes can be fixed faster

  • social changes the dynamics of how information gets to you; it's no longer controlled by gatekeepers

  • mobile is the future of everything; the geeks are right: We're moving to a Star Trek-like environment (oh, I guess I had better get some tall boots and mini-skirts...)

  • in a year everyone will have a tablet

  • people have relationships with their phones now

  • geolocation is another trend to pay attention to; it enables the real and the virtual worlds to collide--of course this has privacy implications...

  • everything is in the cloud; it makes sense to store everything in the cloud and not store it locally (allows you to pull it down from anywhere)

  • multitouch screens

  • how does this affect learning? The consumer drives everything.

I'll be back tomorrow with more from #TK11. To keep up with it in real time, follow the hashtag #TK11 on Twitter!

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