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Adobe’s LMS Amps up Engagement & Compliance in New Release

Published Tue Apr 30 2019


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Adobe Captivate Prime, the learning management system (LMS) from Adobe, has been carving new ground since its initial release in 2015. The new enhancements continue that trend and are marked by a clear milestone for the industry in social learning, user-generated-content, and gamification.

With a keen eye toward engagement, Adobe’s LMS has always demonstrated visionary leadership. Adobe began by delivering the universal HTML5-based content player that delivers courses, documents, videos and more in any modern web browser. All of this is accomplished without the need for any plugins or proprietary players. By providing an immersive course viewer and removing all proprietary document formats, Adobe gave us a simple, hassle-free learning experience.

This update goes well beyond the engagement level of the fluidic player. This version introduces common-sense social and user-generated content tools that incentivize participation by adding integrated gamification features. Think of your learners--they are across the Internet. They identify articles, videos, blogs, and more. They share these learning assets with one another using various social media apps, emails, IMs, and casual conversations. There is, unfortunately, no way to track those asset shares and no way to vet them to discover their value and veracity.

This release of Adobe Captivate Prime (LMS) provides solutions for learners to share materials that they discover online or to share their user-generated content via videos, audio recordings, postings, polls, and more. It also provides the tools to create those user-generated contributions as well as an architecture to align those postings to skills / competencies within your organizational framework. It also delivers a solution for the moderation problem--how do you ensure that posts are relevant, true, and appropriate and leverages the skill experts you already have in your organization. People who share content are incentivized to do so with gamification points, and people who review / approve posts are similarly incentivized.

  • Share the stuff you found online.

  • Share your tutorials, thoughts, and other creations.

  • Use simple tools built right into the LMS.

  • Easily align the posts to skills / competencies.

  • Moderation is simple, fun, distributed by expertise, and incentivized.

  • Sharing is rewarded.

The net result is an out-of-the-box solution for social learning that is ready to go for any organization.

Another great enhancement in this update to Adobe Captivate Prime is the team dashboard for managers. Compliance training can be painful for everyone involved. Learners are often resistant to participate, and administrators generally abhor the chore of tracking down delinquency. Adobe has added a myriad of new tools to simplify compliance tracking and placed them where they add the most value. Managers now have actionable dashboards with easy instant overviews of compliance completion rates whenever they log in to the LMS.

This expands the role of managers to simplify compliance monitoring and improve overall awareness about skill gaps / progress toward skill achievement of every member of their direct and down line teams. Managers can easily identify teams and team members who are lagging and even use the new predictive chart to identify skill / competency achievement compared to their own expectations. You can now monitor that progress at a glance and see both your expected target and the projected progress based on actual skill completion. It provides a simple mechanism to warn you if skill achievements are below your expectation and simple tools to reach out to your team managers and prompt additional work if the progress is falling behind.

Sign up for a free demo of Adobe Captivate Prime today and check out all the cool new features yourself.

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