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How a Learning Portal Keeps Training Solutions Running

Published Fri Jan 25 2019

How a Learning Portal Keeps Training Solutions Running

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What’s your first interaction at a restaurant? If it’s anything like the pizza joint I worked at in college, it’s the warm, inviting host standing within view of the entrance. Restaurant managers often pick the friendliest face to represent their brand and make a good first impression. It’s the same with instructional design. You can make a learner’s experience all the more enjoyable by selecting a hosting platform that offers design options that meet your needs.

At AllenComm, we decided we needed to create a hosting platform that was uninhibited by design templates or requirements. Having been in the learning and development industry for more than 35 years, we’ve had the time to explore different programs, portals, and software. We’ve taken what we liked and done the legwork required to create a learning portal that offers solutions to our clients’ most pressing design needs. We didn’t see anyone else offering quite what we needed, so we built our own portal, in-house. The end result is a fully customizable learning portal with the ability to integrate with any existing LMS, complete design control over the user interface, and flexible feature options.

We classify our customization model as wholly sustainable since the AllenComm Learning Portal allows us to meet the unique client needs while maintaining the complete integrity of each product. From the beginning, we wanted to create a portal that was not limited to design specifics in any way. We’ve come up with a totally customizable user interface that is a seamless extension of each client’s brand, remaining consistent with the theme of corporate website and promotional assets. The architecture of our learning portal gives us confidence that we can create an LMS without having to worry about all the bugs and snags that usually come with complete customization.

Many businesses are apprehensive to work with a platform system with as many features as our learning portal. They are concerned they will end up paying for feature sets they don’t need, adopting business processes they aren’t familiar with, or needing a completely new LMS in response to company growth. We understand this concern, which is why our AllenComm Learning Portal molds to fit each company’s needs. There are no “box feature sets” included with every package; every feature is included on an as-needed basis. As a component of its customizability, our learning portal can adapt to any existing business processes. In terms of scalability, the portal is designed to be updated or readjusted and comes with unmatched programming support. For those clients who want a custom LMS, the AllenComm Learning Portal offers a robust hosting solution for nearly any problem.

When it comes to training, finding the best-fitting solution for the greatest value is paramount. At AllenComm, we took the time to create something that offers the flexibility our clients need, while at the same time preserving the technical functionality of a tried-and-true LMS. We are happy to offer a hosting product that can act as a solution to an ever-widening variety of customer needs.

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