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How to Build and Maintain Relationships Without Physical Connection

Published Wed Aug 19 2020


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The recent but quick changeover to remote working for people all over the world may take some time to adjust to, especially for those who are social butterflies or live alone. Everyone appreciates a certain amount of interaction or connection with people they work with, yet now most of the social aspects we had when we were physically in the office are gone. Due to current circumstances surrounding the pandemic, it has become an even more urgent necessity for socializing and maintaining a good working relationship, whether you’re already a remote worker, occasionally work from home, or are new to the situation.

The ability to adapt to a changing situation allows you to be more flexible, resilient, and hardy with the surmounting pressure and stress that you don’t normally face on a day-to-day basis. While there’s a vast amount of information and resources available to help cope with isolation and a change in working environments, it seems it is becoming increasingly important to build up our resilience and adaptability to new working environments. We must find a new normal in connecting with each other differently from how we were used to. As we can no longer, for the time being, shake hands with each other, go out for coffee, or share a friendly hug, we must be thankful for the advancement of technology.

In this digital age, we are lucky to have an alternative to working, meeting and connecting with people around the world and instantly be linked through apps on a smartphone or computer. With this in mind, here are some ways to connect from a distance, how you can build relationships online until you can see each other in person again, and helpful tips on maintaining a connection from afar.

How to Connect from a Distance

  • Schedule communication or meetings to make sure tasks don’t fall through the cracks, to see if employees need assistance, or just to have a “checkup” call that’s outside of work topics.

  • Choose video calls over audio since you can see the other person and put a face to the name. You can also read each others’ expressions and understand their body language, especially if they are from a different country with different cultures.

  • Use social media, technology, and collaborative tools. There are many apps and social channels available to either keep in touch or stay updated with the news, hobbies, personal lives, and more.

  • Online communities are available everywhere. Whether they are of groups with the same interests or a forum where you can speak your mind brainstorm ideas. Creating concepts and learning from others on this type of platform allows you to build connections with many people all over the world.

Building Relationships Online

  • Make an effort to get to know them personally and build genuine rapport. Not all meetings have to be about business. Make calls to check in.

  • Build a relationship outside of work-related topics. Maybe a client or co-worker of yours has interests and hobbies that align with yours. You can help each other develop that skill.

  • The relationship does not only have to be a digital one. When there is an opportunity to meet in person (once we are able to do so again) when someone is in town, have a quick bite and catch up.

  • Focus efforts on building high-quality relationships that will result in increased productivity and collaboration, referrals, trust, and less of a feeling of isolation. Quality over quantity as we do want to spend our times wisely as well.

  • It doesn’t hurt to continue the “office chit-chat” occasionally over online messenger too to see how each other are doing.

  • Be aware that email and online communication can be misunderstood and be mindful of your words and intonations in writing.

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