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Paradigm Learning Celebrates Twenty-Five Years of Customized Business Acumen Training Solutions

Published Wed Oct 02 2019


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In the autumn of 1994, Robb Gomez noticed an article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal about two former executives from the training and development industry who had created a program for Harris Semiconductor in Melbourne, Florida.

Robb was intrigued by the content and delivery mechanism of this training program. They'd created a session that taught people how their business made money (and their individual contribution to that mission) through a sophisticated business simulation disguised as a board game.

Robb sat up quickly. He had been selling to big businesses at that time and often marveled at how little employees knew about their businesses. In many cases, they had no idea how to link their contribution to the overall enterprise’s success. These were senior managers! Robb knew something needed to be done about this general lack of “business acumen” that existed in corporate America.

Curious about the program, he contacted Ray Green and Cathy Rezak, founding partners of Paradigm Learning. Over a social meeting at a local beach bar, Ray shared his vision for the company.

The rest, as they say, is history.

For the full Zodiak story, read more at Paradigm Learning's blog.

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