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Siteline: What It Is and Why You Need It

Published Tue Jan 08 2019


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Siteline is a mobile platform that ensures all stakeholders have the right information when and where they need it. It physically connects people to the workflow process through intuitive, intentionally designed hardware and software. Combining the latest innovations in performance support technology with augmented reality, a comprehensive content library, and intelligent analytical capabilities, Siteline boosts operator competency, gives managers more visibility into actions completed across their organizations, and makes the workplace more safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

Augmented Reality Technology

Siteline uses augmented reality to connect employees directly to their workflow. Using the camera on their mobile device, employees can scan their work area to access additional information about the machinery or equipment that they need to interact with. This functionality allows users to quickly access location- or context-specific content and troubleshooting information. The ability to scan real-life objects and use personalized toolkits helps users make connections more efficiently between conceptual support content and their actual work site.

Visual Searching and Learning

The Siteline mobile platform houses a powerful content library that provides access to all content in the system, including interactive 3D models. Designed to help make critical processes feel like a natural part of the working experience, Siteline uses a unique Visual Performance Support model (VPS). Users can access content through text-based searching or refer to realistic models using visual- and location-based mechanisms. Cross-referencing content using visual cues helps users recall information more quickly—as they see reference points in their environment, they more easily recall what they’ve learned from their reading and training.

Real-Time Analytics

An intelligent dashboard central to the Siteline platform, gives management access to vast amounts of data, all collected in real time. Detailed operator and machine information, data about individual and team performance, workflow inefficiencies, and more enable value stream mapping—an intuitive, top-down view of an organizations business processes comprised of everything it takes to get the product to the customer.

Proven Results

After using Siteline, 86 percent of users agreed that Siteline would allow them to do their job faster and with fewer errors. Seventy-five percent of pilot users agreed that they would be more likely to refer to worker instructions in Siteline compared to their previous system. These results are encouraging, especially considering the natural resistance workforces have to new technology and changes in the work environment. Furthermore, current state benchmarking, combined with new features and search standards in Siteline, suggest that content search times can be reduced per shift by at least 15-30 minutes for an experienced technician, and likely much more for a new technician. The story is clear: AR technology, combined with an intuitive database and highly intelligent analytical compatibilities make Siteline the next step forward in performance technology

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