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Agencies Create Architecture to Support Intelligence

In today’s era of diminishing resources, managers within government agencies must become more efficient to fulfill their missions; this includes finding efficiencies in their decision-making process and in the way they issue directions to their agency. Finding more innovative governance structures than those in use today should be a priority for every public organization. In the 21st century, organizations must be nimble and make timely decisions. With information at their fingertips, governance bodies must be able to keep pace. What is governance? Governance is how organizations give direction to carry out their missions. Often in the public sector, agencies rely on many fractious governance bodies responsible for narrowly focused functions within an agency. These bodies often report to levels below the CEO or chief operating officer. These individual lower bodies are not structured to take a global view of the organization, its overall responsibilities, or the ripple effect from any decisions they make.

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Thu Mar 15 2012


Agency leaders must create governance environments that enable them to make timely and effective decisions, reduce redundancy, and increase transparency.

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