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Can Leaders Keep Their Cool While Feeling the Heat

“Those who live the life know that government leaders live in a fishbowl, as if whatever they do could be broadcast around the world. National service requires a level of openness unheard of by leaders in for-profit organizations and even nonprofit enterprises,” wrote Ellen Van Velsor and Clemson Turregano of the Center for Creative Leadership in the summer 2011 issue of The Public Manager. Few in public service would disagree with this assessment of the work they do or the environment in which they do it. However, the fishbowl has transformed into a magnifying glass as federal employees become the target of politicians seeking re-election and of a citizenry frustrated by tough economic times. What drove this evolution? How can federal leaders deal with this increasingly challenging environment?


Fri Jun 15 2012


The average citizen will always view the government through a magnifying glass. Managing a free society is truly a calling. Embrace it as such and help people appreciate the talented professionals who serve the public.

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