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Driven by Your Mission and in Honor of Your Customer

Imagine walking into any federal agency. What would you experience there? Most likely you would experience a security process that has you waiting to be escorted by an employee. While you waited you may view news on a TV or rolling messages on a screen about agency activities—perhaps the only clue you'd have of that agency's culture or mission. That was the lobby experience in the U.S. Department of Education 10 years ago, with the exception of stereotypical icons of education—cut outs of yellow school buses and crayons. Today, even before entering the building, you would experience windows full of original photographs from school visits announcing "This place is about education and helping students to be successful." Once in the lobby, you would be surrounded with examples of the stellar work students and their teachers are accomplishing in classrooms from around the nation and the world.


Sat Jun 15 2013

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