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Halting the Engagement Exodus

Few would deny that the dramatic economic shifts of recent years have had tremendous impact on most organizations’ management practices. Those current economic realities have reduced headcount, decreased ability to provide quality and timely service, and limited employee development, a greater concern has emerged: an “engagement exodus.” Economic factors and other organizational dynamics have taken a toll on all levels of employee engagement within agencies and departments in the public sector. Due to budget reductions, an increased number of employees reaching retirement age, and myriad other factors, many public employees are left alone to “hold down the fort” previously occupied by two, three, or even four additional colleagues. Further compounding the engagement dilemma, employees within public organizations have faced multiple years of pay freezes. It’s certainly understandable that employees might be less engaged in doing their best work than in the past. 

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Thu Mar 15 2012


With financial concerns looming, public employees become less engaged at work. Are we in an “engagement exodus?” Savvy managers can turn things around.

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