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3 Ways to Prosper at the Negotiation Table

Consider this guidance for your next big negotiation.


Wed Nov 01 2023

3 Ways to Prosper at the Negotiation Table

You've just taken your seat at the negotiation table. You're feeling confident, which is important, but projecting excessive power can make clients and stakeholders feel like you're patronizing or talking down to them. Consider this guidance for your next big negotiation.

1. Practice self-awareness.


Sometimes, negotiations fail because the participants are unaware of how they come across to others. Take time to understand areas where you may be prone to overly flaunting your expertise or overcompensating for lack of knowledge. Your pride isn't more important than achieving results.

2. Adapt your communication skills.

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work because everyone is different. During conversations, watch and listen to the people with whom you're speaking. Adjust your communication style, tone, and body language to match theirs, and the negotiations will flow more easily.

3. Avoid a winner-takes-all mindset.

Remember, this is not about winning; it's not a zero-sum game. Negotiation is about achieving an outcome that is mutually beneficial to you and your client or stakeholder. Be collaborative and flexible to foster a more productive, healthy conversation to achieve the best results for all parties involved.


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