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3 Words to the Wise

What advice has Talent Development Champion Award Winner Marshall Goldsmith received from others that has contributed to his professional and personal success?


Fri Jun 14 2024

3 Words to the Wise

Marshall Goldsmith —an executive coach, author, business educator, and the recipient of ATD’s 2024 Talent Development Champion Award—is well known for offering advice and guidance to the masses, whether through his coaching, speaking engagements, or bestselling books. But what advice has he received from others that has contributed to his professional and personal success? Goldsmith shared these three pointers with TD magazine.

1. Refrain from trying to prove how right you are.


That is one of the fundamental principles I learned from author and management consultant Peter Drucker. Smart and accomplished people often struggle with correcting mistakes and proving that they’re right, even when it actively detracts from their leadership or effectiveness. Instead, focus on being helpful and constructive in interactions, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth. Prioritize impact and positivity in all aspects of life.

2. Let go of the actions and behaviors you cannot change in your past.

Look to the future when asking for advice, change, and growth. By focusing on what you can change, you are able to move forward without the baggage of shame or guilt from past actions and can feel motivated to create the future you want.

3. Ask for help.

No one achieves success alone, and having the humility to ask for help, accept there are areas to improve, and prioritize making lasting behavioral changes is what makes great leaders into incredible ones.


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