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5 Ways to Pay It Forward

Here are a few ways to establish a perpetual culture of giving at the workplace.


Mon Jul 01 2019

5 Ways to Pay It Forward

Paying it forward not only benefits the community at large—companies that embrace their corporate social responsibility are more likely to improve talent retention, attract new customers, and propel company growth. Here are a few ways to establish a perpetual culture of giving at the workplace.

1. Donate expertise.


Sharing expertise for a good cause helps employees to build their skills and confidence while partaking in the joy of giving back.

2. Encourage volunteerism.

Offering paid time off for workers to help further causes they care about will create an environment of volunteerism within your company—as well as enhance team morale.

3. Organize a team event.

Planning a volunteer event for your company is a great way to help the community and employees come together as a team.


4. Sponsor a charity event.

Sponsoring a charity event can help raise money for a good cause and also help your organization by bringing it into the midst of your critical stakeholders: the community.

5. Support small businesses.

Whenever possible, arrange to have your organization use the products and services of small businesses—and be sure to spread the word about the work they do.

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