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A Tale of Two Goals


Wed Jun 01 2005


The article presents information on the distinction between an organizational goal and a performance goal. A comprehensive road map that connects organizational-level goals to department goals, and department goals to individual performance goals is necessary to achieve an organization's mission. Without understanding what an organization wants to achieve, it's nearly impossible for that organization to be successful. Therefore, it's rare for an organization to exist without some expressed purpose. Ideally, supporting each organizational goal should be several unit goals, which are really just "smaller" organizational goals, and individual goals for members of each department. While that relationship of goals appears obvious, it often gets lost in the hubbub of business. Organizational goals usually concern quality, quantity, customer satisfaction, or cost-effectiveness. Articulating organizational goals is complex because one must consider whether they should be monetary in nature. Although many organizational goals are monetary, that's not always the case.

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A Tale of Two Goals


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