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A Token of Appreciation

Employees say they feel valued when they receive rewards at work.


Thu Aug 01 2019

A Token of Appreciation

More than 70 percent of workers say that they don't feel satisfied in their career, and nearly three-fourths admit to feeling unhappy at work and actively hunting for a new job. How do you keep workers who may have one foot out the door engaged and productive?

While 96 percent of employees agree that recognition in the workplace leads to a stronger workplace culture, one in three employees generally does not feel valued. That's according to an employee happiness survey conducted by Snappy, a gift-giving company. Results reveal that 45 percent of employees feel their value at a company is reflected in the gifts received. According to the Journal of Economic Psychology, it takes twice as much money to increase employee happiness at the same rate as a tangible gift.


Companies such as Airbnb, Google, Salesforce, Zappos, Charity Water, and Chefs Club are prioritizing happiness and have created positions specifically dedicated to maintaining and improving their employees' work experience. Examples of these roles include chief happiness officer, head of employee experience, and vice president of employee success.

"To attract and retain the finest talent, companies must incorporate creative and personal ways to reward employees for their hard work," says Hani Goldstein, CEO and co-founder of Snappy. "Recognition is one of the most powerful motivators."

Goldstein believes that executives should consider investing in an innovative incentive program that thoughtfully recognizes their employees' efforts, because an investment in happy employees is a powerful investment in the business—especially if workplace happiness is a noticeable problem. She also notes that benefits such as unlimited personal time off and the ability to telecommute can help combat workplace burnout.

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