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Address Diversity and Inclusion Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps leaders grow and create welcoming environments.


Tue Nov 01 2016

Address Diversity and Inclusion Through Mindfulness

It seems like everyone these days is taking on more, moving faster, and paying less attention. There are serious costs for our ability to lead, innovate, and live meaningful lives. Fortunately, we can learn to pay attention with focus and openness; that is, we can be mindful. The growing research shows that mindfulness can help us live healthier, think clearer, and be more inspiring. Many organizations are turning to mindfulness to help leaders focus and be more resilient. Cisco, BlackRock, IBM, and New York Life all see mindfulness as a tool for organizational productivity and positive culture change. The promise of a discipline of mindful leadership also is appealing for creating inclusive environments. Leaders who are more secure and open can create mindful, inclusive, and diverse organizations.

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