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Book Capsules, July 2023

The Solutionists by Solitaire Townsend and Who Is the New How by Justin Palmer and Jessica Schertz.


Fri Jun 30 2023


The Solutionists: How Businesses Can Fix the Future

Solitaire Townsend


Kogan Page, 240 pp., $13.99

Townsend aims to kill two birds with one stone in The Solutionists. She uses a selection of stories from leading entrepreneurs and organizations to illustrate how businesses can solve sustainability issues while simultaneously driving innovation. Townsend provides a playbook to help readers become the type of business leaders the world needs: those who facilitate the creation of a more sustainable society. The author uses a change mindset to coach readers through steps and strategies that will put their organizations at the forefront of creating sustainability solutions, which include plant-based food sources, net-zero technologies, and circular platforms.

Who Is the New How: Strategies to Find, Recruit, and Create the Best Teams

Justin Palmer and Jessica Schertz

Wiley, 208 pp., $28


With talent shortages affecting hiring practices across the US, there isn't a better time for Who Is the New How. It features accomplished talent experts giving readers a road map to filling the most mission-critical roles with the best talent available. Palmer and Schertz detail strategies the world's most innovative and high-performing companies use to build productive teams. Readers will relearn everything they thought they knew about talent acquisition. It's not about just getting someone in the role. That may work in the short term, but hiring for long-term success involves identifying candidates who align with the company's mission and culture.

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