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Book Capsules, June 2019

Synopses of Learning to Lead by Rob Williams and Karl Weber and Think Like Amazon by John Rossman


Mon Jun 03 2019


Learning to Lead: The Journey to Leading Yourself, Leading Others, and Leading an Organization

Ron Williams and Karl Weber


Greenleaf Book Group Press, 322 pp., $24.95

Williams is one of America's most prominent and successful executives and a great example to learn from. In Learning to Lead, he provides guidance on the professional leadership qualities that deliver personal, interpersonal, and organizational success. Williams offers practical, tested leadership advice, whether you're searching for a new career, looking for proven management solutions, or seeking to transform your organization. Developed from his own personal and professional journey, as well as the experiences of America's leading CEOs, the strategies will help you develop in almost any professional area. After finishing this book, you will be well equipped to take the next step to success in your personal and professional leadership journey.

Think Like Amazon: 50½ Ideas to Become a Digital Leader

John Rossman

McGraw-Hill, 320 pp., $28


"What would Jeff Bezos do?" It's a question Rossman has heard many times. In this step-by-step guide, he provides strategies he learned as an Amazon executive, showing today's business leaders how to think like Amazon. Among the topics are becoming a platform company with the right platform strategy, decentralizing your way to digital greatness, and using metrics to create a culture of accountability and innovation. In addition to these targeted strategies, readers will receive a rare inside glimpse into how CEO Jeff Bezos and Amazon take a remarkably consistent approach to innovate, explore new markets, and spark new growth. You'll understand the unique mindset and inner workings that drive the company's operational excellence.

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