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Book Capsules, March 2023

Summaries of Culture Is the Way by Matt Mayberry and The New Roaring Twenties: Prosper in Volatile Times by Paul Zane Pilzer


Wed Mar 01 2023


Culture Is the Way

Matt Mayberry


Wiley, 272 pp., $28

An ankle injury ended Mayberry's National Football League career before he had much of a chance to start one. However, he pivoted and became a world-renowned motivational speaker. Mayberry puts various leadership tools in this book to help readers maximize employee engagement and productivity. It's more important than ever to build a cohesive workplace culture, and not only does Mayberry lay out a road map to get there, but he also details how to overcome five common roadblocks that managers, executives, and business leaders face. Readers will learn to build a workplace culture that helps them and their team members reach their full potential and become the best version of themselves.

The New Roaring Twenties: Prosper in Volatile Times

Paul Zane Pilzer

Matt Holt Books, 256 pp., $26


Are we in the midst of a decade of significant economic and societal changes and developments? New York Times bestselling author Pilzer argues that's precisely what's on the horizon, referencing the changes the world underwent a century ago. To get out from under the COVID-19 pandemic and all its fallout, Pilzer outlines 11 economic and societal pillars, including the accelerated arrival of artificial intelligence robots and millennials' growing influence, that he says will prove pivotal in navigating the post-pandemic world. In this book, he attempts to provide solid ground for a shifting world as the world gets through the 2020s without repeating mistakes of the past.

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