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Book Capsules, October 2023

Change Questions by D. Lynn Kelley and John Shook and The Flexible Method by James Burstall and Nicholas Brealey.


Mon Oct 02 2023


Change Questions: A Playbook for Effective and Lasting Organizational Change

D. Lynn Kelley and John Shook


Modus Cooperandi, 256 pp., $24.99

When it's time for your organization to undergo change initiatives, there isn't a 100 percent foolproof method to get your company from point A to point B. In Change Questions, the authors use their combined experience as transformative leaders to help readers clarify fundamental thinking that will lead to change that sticks. The book provides practical examples, including Kelley's experience creating and implementing a change initiative at a railroad company. Change Questions details the necessary steps for implementing change that sustains and creates value for customers, stakeholders, and employees.

The Flexible Method: Prepare to Prosper in the Next Global Crisis

James Burstall

Nicholas Brealey, 256 pp., $21.95


The best time to prepare for a crisis is long before you know one is approaching. As everyone learned in 2020, there's no way to know when the unexpected is about to happen. In this book, the author presents 16 concise, tried, tested, and proven methods for taking care of your team, finances, and yourself when disaster strikes. Burstall draws upon lessons from past real-life crises and offers real-world solutions readers can lean on in difficult times. Use The Flexible Method's ideas to ensure that you and your organization are as prepared as possible to deal with the uncertainty that comes with the unexpected and stay ahead of the curve.

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